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Company: Adani Renewable Energy Park Rajasthan Ltd

District: Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

Capacity Under Development: 2,000 MW

Total Planned Capacity: 10,000 MW

Projects at a Glance

Title Bhadla Park Fatehgarh Park
AC Capacity (MW) 500 1,500
District Name Jodhpur Jaisalmer
Standard plant capacity (MW) 50 50
Total Plot Size 3,285 acres 9,981 acres
Nearest Airport Jodhpur Jaisalmer
Nearest Railway Station Bap Phalodi

The selected project locations are in high solar irradiance zones which makes them favorable locations for solar PV projects. Also, the plot sizes are regular in shape allowing for optimum utilization of the resources from an engineering perspective.

The project will also have a boundary wall along its entire periphery, an on-site rain-water harvesting system and sprinkler mechanism for the maintenance of a green area, an administrative building, material storage shed and parking shed, a weather monitoring station, landscaped premises and aesthetically-designed buildings.

Comparison of AREPRL with others

Gujarat Rajasthan Phase 2 from RRECL Andhra Pradesh Karnataka AREPRL Solar Park
MNRE Subsidy No No Shared with PGCIL Shared with PGCIL 100% available for park infrastructure
Water arrangement Reservoir available and supply to each plot Reservoir available and supply to each plot Reservoir available and supply to each plot Developers to set up bore-wells Reservoir available through RRECL and supply to each plot
Connectivity Underground connectivity from switchgear of each project Developers to connect to pooling station at 132 KV Developers to connect to pooling station at 33 KV Developers to connect to pooling station at 66 KV 33 KV underground connectivity to individual plots

Power Evacuation & Transmission at Bhadla Solar Park

The proposed 500 MW Solar Park will be developed as two blocks (North & South). The North block will have a total capacity of 300 MW while South block will generate the remaining 200 MW of capacity.

Transmission & Evacuation Remarks
Pooling Substation (kV/kV) 2 x 33kV/220kV (North & South Block PSS)
Interconnection voltage level for the project developers to connect at the solar park pooling substation 33 kV
Details of nearest CTU/STU substation where the power from the Solar park pooling substation shall be fed STU (RVPN)- 400/220 kV Bhadla GSS/ 5 Kms from North block Pooling station
CTU-765/400 kV GSS Nure Ki Bhurj/ 17 Kms from South block Pooling station
Details of internal transmission system (from each project to pooling substation) 33 kV cable to 33kV/220kV Pooling substation of AREPRL

Power Evacuation & Transmission at Fatehgarh Solar Park

A transmission agreement has been signed between AREPRL and PGCIL for transmission of power from Fatehgarh Solar Power Park in Jaisalmer. The dedicated transmission system required for direct injection/withdrawl of power from the solar park has been finalized in accordance with the Provision of Electricity Act, 2003. The generation capacity of the park is 1,500 MW. Connectivity for 1,000 MW has been granted at a proposed 400kV pooling station (with a provision to upgrade to a 765kV station).

Details of Projects in the Vicinity

RREC 680 MW Solar Park at Bhadla, Jodhpur

Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RREC) is developing its first solar park with a capacity of 680 MW in the village of Bhadla, Tehsil Bap, District Jodhpur. A SPV company ‘Rajasthan Solar Park Development Company Ltd (RSDCL)’ has been formed as a subsidiary company of RRECL for the development of infrastructure and management of solar parks. The park is located at the following co-ordinates: 27,293851 N 71,582430 E.

Work is under progress at the park, which is estimated to be commissioned by March 2017.

IL&FS 1,000 MW Solar Park at Bhadla, Jodhpur

Saurya Urja Company of Rajasthan Limited (SURAJ), a 50:50 joint venture between the Government of Rajasthan and IL&FS Energy, is developing its first solar park with a capacity of 1,000 MW at the Bhadla village in the state of Rajasthan.

The company has acquired 2,470 Ha of government land for setting up the park, whose total area stretches across the following co-ordinates: 27.438017 Latitude, 72.048472 Longitude and 27.501146 Latitude, 71.967173 Longitude.

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