Adani Renewable Energy Park

Infrastructure industry per se requires huge investments, large tracts of land and utilises large amount of resources and hence has to be sustainable in its endeavor to have long term benefits for society and the business.

AREPRL is committed to promote a culture seeking continuous improvement in the Health, Safety & Environment performance of the organization. The emphasis is also on implementing integrated management system to optimize its resource consumption, improve efficiencies, reduce wastes, enhance operational safety and minimize risks. The environmental concerns are considered and addressed adequately during planning, project development and daily operations.

Further, AREPRL is proactively working on strategic assessments & operational decisions to strengthen environment monitoring & reporting as well as devising various programmes & policies for continual improvement in environment benchmarking. Our programs and policies will ensure timely and effective compliance of all applicable environment regulations.

Last but not the least, AREPRL is committed to improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions by introducing and implementing environment friendly measures & technologies in various operations thereby supporting India’s National Action Plan for Climate Change as well as contributing to the global movement of Climate Change.

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